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No, Shia, This Isn't What They Meant By 'Taking A Personal Inventory'

By Emily Cutler | Industry | November 11, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Industry | November 11, 2015 |

I almost wanted to file this under “Celebrities Are Better Than You,” but I don’t particularly feel like snarking about this one. Shia LaBeouf is right now in the second day of a three day binge of watching his own movies. And from this Tweet, day two is not the winner.

It’s part of a performance art installation/ publicity stunt/ artistic masturbatory act, and I just don’t get it. Did I mention that we can all get in on this action by watching Shia watch all of his own movies? Which is really adding a great voyeur/ exhibitionist angle to this thing. Or it would if Shia was actually in the shot. As of this writing, we’ve been looking at an empty seat for the past 20 minutes.

Is this supposed to be a community building exercise? Because having Shia’s reaction to his own movies seems less like community building and more like cult building. Or a chance for Shia to critically evaluate his own work, and discover what missteps he’s made? In that case, not only should that act take place in private, but also we’d actually have to acknowledge that his movies have gotten better in the past few years. His crazy ass behavior, no. But his movies, yes.

Which is why things whole thing, much like Shia himself, makes me so sad. His art is not going to save him. He’s had ongoing issues for years now, and the quality of his work seems completely unaffected by whatever emotional issues he’s experiencing. Fury is arguably the best film of his career after which he released some of the craziest shit that YouTube has ever seen, and YouTube is where crazy is born. And unlike other celebrity break downs, this isn’t necessarily a case where the media in general can just decide to not cover an ailing star. This isn’t about leaving Britney alone while she gets her shit together. Shia’s invited the entire world to come witness his disease under the guise of his “art”, and complicated the act of ignoring one without neglecting the other. He clearly needs someone to address his mental health issues which he’s only allowing to be done in the public eye. Despite the fact that what he really needs is anything other than the spotlight. The only thing that would help is to be completely removed from the scene he continually tries to insert himself into.

I hope that seat stays empty.

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