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No More "Heroes"

By Miscellaneous | Industry | May 16, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | May 16, 2010 |

It was four years ago when we crowded around our television screens to see the premiere of a new show that promised superheroes in real-life situations. There was a lot of hype surrounding it but it all paid off. The first season was beautiful. It mixed drama, action, and pseudo-science in ways that had people comparing it to “Lost.” Some fans even preferred it, as it gave them answers and seemed to know where it was going. Instead of monsters and polar bears, there was simply evolution. It was an idea palatable to any comic book geek raised with the X-Men.

Beyond the writing, the cast was superb. Masi Oka utterly charmed us as Hiro, Zachary Quinto created a classic supervillian in Sylar, and even Milo Ventimiglia’s limited talents were directed in a way to make him seem passable. Do I need to mention Hayden Panettiere and Ali Larter? Or would a Tex Avery-esque wolf whistle be enough? The cast was great and received the fame that it deserved.

The show ended its first season with audiences glued to the screen and a good response from critics.The show should have quit while it was ahead. But that’s impossible. No hit show can end with one season. Instead we got Season 2. Season 2 with its amnesia, and a B-Story in Feudal Japan, and the twins who had the power to kill people with black sludge and boredom. The fans’ faith in the show faltered. I stopped watching it live and started catching it online the next day. “Heroes” had grown dull and it wasn’t the show I remembered.

And then the writer’s strike happened.

Instead of slowly plodding along , “Heroes” was forced to fit a whole season into 11 episodes. This rejuvenated the show, fans were returning! Sadly, this was the last time it had that kind of public interest.

In Season 3, not even Kristen Bell could get me to watch consistently. There was time travel and a baby and multiple resurrections. Comparisons to “Lost” started springing up again, but not in a good way. The writers even tried to inject some drama by removing everyone’s powers but it was no use. Like their powers, the magic was gone.

Season 4 had something about an evil carnival? I think that says enough.

It was a show that would’ve been remembered fondly if it had ended sooner. But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is letting “Heroes” die.
I’m sure there’s some die-hard fans still out there. You may pay your respects in the comment section. But this is going to be closed casket. It was just too ugly at the end.

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