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News So Irrelevant, It Might Make You Care About the Oscars by Comparison

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 25, 2013 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | February 25, 2013 |

I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched an awards show, but I like reading Courtney’s live blogs of them because they’re prodigiously more entertaining than the actual event. I’ve gathered that this was definitely the right choice with last night’s broadcast as Seth MacFarlane cratered with self-deprecation. So on to the trade news for the morning, which is terribly thin today since 90% of what went down over the weekend is in that live blog, and the other 10% is news that no one cares about. Except you. (Probably not).

First up, this great headline: “Did a prop sighting just give away the plot of Transformers 4?” Didn’t even click on it. I know my audience. My job is to filter out stuff like this. So I’ll just make the obligatory Shia Labeouf joke (I assume that the prop was one of his body parts, and the sighting gave away the fact that the plot is so small as to be nonexistent) and move on.

Next, Bryan Singer gives the least information possible in a statement without actually giving a random sequence of letters and numbers, regarding Peter Dinklage and the X-Men V:

“He’s not going to be a CGI character. He’ll be himself. Not that he’ll be playing Peter Dinklage, he’ll be playing this character. It’s not a shy character. He’s just such a phenomenal actor; I’m a huge fan of Peter’s and Game of Thrones. He was my first choice and I was really happy [about the casting]. It’s so funny to talk to him because he does that impeccable accent [on Game of Thrones] and then you talk to him and he’s this guy from New Jersey.”

Oh okay, so the actor will be acting as a character. I hear Singer also writes an NFL picks column every year too. For the last twelve years he’s predicted that there will be a Super Bowl.

And fantastic news! Megan Fox will be joining Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Apparently she ran out of money and he needs his car washed again.

Finally, here’s some wonderful news regarding the rumored legion of stand alone Star Wars films coming down the pipeline. Ain’t It Cool News published the rumor that Drew Karpyshyn was writing a Knights of the Old Republic script. Are your hopes up? Really up? Up in the “I’ve waited my entire life for a good video game movie” stratosphere?

Sorry. Karpyshyn’s got no idea what they’re talking about. Or so he claims on twitter: “this would be awesome, but I haven’t heard anything about a #KOTOR movie. But I’m not at #bioware anymore so…”

Well, it could be worse. I won’t elaborate. But it always could be.

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