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Iron Man 2 Ultra Super Secret After Credits Scene

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 29, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | April 29, 2010 |

So, a while ago, there was apparently a rumor floating around that there would be a secret scene after the credits of Iron Man 2, which is as original as a hidden track on a CD at this point. (Arbitrary digression, who else has a pet peeve originating in the intersection of iTunes and hidden tracks? I suddenly notice the music stopped and go look at the computer only to have the speakers blare to life with anachronistically hidden music).

The extra special press who get to go to press screenings all sat through the credits of Iron Man 2 and were disappointed to find nothing waiting for them at the end of that dark tunnel of white words on black text. Well, it turns out that there actually is an extra secret hidden scene, but they intentionally left it out of the version shown at press screenings. To be perfectly frank, I find that hilarious.

Well, some insider or another who the MPAA will hunt down with a loaner of Steve Jobs’s attack monkeys has leaked the footage online. It’s getting taken down left and right as fast as anyone links to it so I’ll leave you to find it on YouTube, but here’s the gist: Thor. Hammer. Giant Crater.

(source: Slashfilm)

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