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I'm So Confused Right Now

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | May 5, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | May 5, 2010 |

Low budget indie film: yay!

Romantic comedy: meh.

Subtle science fiction plot device: yay!

Romantic comedy: meh.

Former “Buffy” actress: yay!

Romantic comedy: meh.

I am very conflicted about TiMER. First of all, it’s a romantic comedy, which counts as at least nine strikes against it. Yes, if a romantic comedy walks up to the plate, the inning is already over. Blame Dustin. He sent me to When in Rome and She’s Out of His League within a few weeks of each other. Now I’m not snarky about romantic comedies, I actually bleed from the eyes when I see trade news about them. Plus, that spelling of the title? Unless you’re Scottish or Irish you don’t get to do the whole “ooh look at me, my second letter isn’t capitalized but the third is!” That’s not a title, that’s capslock and a typo.

But putting aside overwhelming but shallow biases, Timer (see, they can’t make me use that horrible spelling) actually looks pretty interesting. It’s set in the modern day and features a company coming out with an implant that uses [technobabble redacted] to scientifically determine precisely when you will meet your soul mate. Some people get the implant and they find out they’ll meet their soul mate in a couple of days, some people get it and it remains blank because the person they’re meant to be with never gets the implant. Emma Caulfield (Anya! You’re so much better than Darkness Falls) is one of the latter, her teenage brother one of the former. She ends up falling for a man who has a timer that says he’ll meet his soul mate a few months later, while hers stays blank.

Timer is director and writer Jac Schaeffer’s first film, and is currently doing the film festival route and getting good reviews. Poster below.


(source: SciFi Wire)

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