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There's Amerikanski in My British Soup

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | July 15, 2010 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | July 15, 2010 |

Well there’s a mixed bag of news. First, “Torchwood” Series Four is a go, so that’s awesome sauce right there. Filming is scheduled to begin in January 2011 with the series broadcasting in the summer of 2011. Jack and Gwen are both on board, the former good news to everyone, the latter good news to everyone except the militant contingent of oh-god-her-teethers that seem to be out there.

The second bit of news is that the rumors of a “Torchwood” Americanization were sort of half true. It’s not there’s a reboot, but there are new characters coming aboard and they are American. Technically Jack was written as an American (attitude, accent, etc.) although his character’s back story is anything but. So as long as this is still staying in house BBC, I’m not too worried.

The characters are one regular and two recurrents. The regular is a CIA operative described as “wickedly funny.” God I hate the people who write press releases. He’s named Rex Matheson, which is as close as you can get to a porn star name without actually having a body part in your name. Recurrent number 1 is Esther Katusi, who by her name must be a ninety year old Mixed Martial Arts champion. She is described as “a newbie Watch Analyst in the CIA who is deeply (and secretly) in love with Rex.” [Shrug.] That could really end up anywhere on the suck-to-blow spectrum.

The interesting one is Oswald Jones. Interesting point number one is the last name. They’ve already had a Martha Jones and a Ianto Jones, neither of whom was related, if this is the third unrelated Jones, then they really need to invest in an encyclopedia of last names. If he is related, this second interesting point gets even more intriguing. He’s a convicted murderer and pedophile, and the press releases hint at him exchanging infamy for fame. So, sounds like they’re going to lighten the mood a bit for series four.

And just to terrify you, here’s the take of webcomic “Ctrl+Alt+Del” on what an Americanized “Doctor Who” might look like:


(source for comic Ctrl+Alt+Del)
(source for news: Gallifrey News Base)

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