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New Photos From The 'Doctor Who' Anniversary Special Will Make Your Sonic Screwdriver Light All The Way Up

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | November 7, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | November 7, 2013 |

We’re only 16 days away from the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special and that means information is coming fast and furious. There are a few fun, new pictures to look at. Especially if you like Tom Baker scarves, Tennant scowls and Elizabethan bosoms. Who doesn’t? I’m going to keep some the plot info for after the last photo, so if you’re plot averse, hie thee hence just after the aforementioned bosom.




According to actress Joanna Page* (Gavin And Stacey, Love Actually) who is playing Queen Elizabeth I, Ten and the “Virgin” Queen have a bit of a thing in this episode. Whatever will Rose say? But there needs no Queen come from the grave to tell us this. It’s canon.

Lord I’ve missed the way Ten enunciates alien locations. The other thing worth knowing is that Matt Smith and David Tennant share plenty of screen time and allegedly have a lovely dynamic. Of course they do. Steven Moffat describes it thus:

These two men have become hard wired into your brain as the Doctor. Matt and David got on so well and their interaction on screen is a sublime double act. Matt said to me, ‘It’s a bit like Laurel and Laurel. It’s like Hardy didn’t turn up.’ They are absolutely great together. Sometimes very, very, different, other times in moments they choose together they are exactly the same.

To get you excited all over again, space boys and girls, here’s the trailer. I can’t wait.

*I didn’t recognize her either! And that’s after staring at her bosom face just this morning while writing about Love Actually. Page had a baby this year so that might account for her being so deliciously extra bosomy.

(via CB)

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