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Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' Concept Art Proves He Knows Exactly What We Want

By Cindy Davis | Industry | July 17, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | July 17, 2015 |

Ever since Neill Blomkamp announced he’d be interested in making a new Alien film, our hopes for a proper return to that world were resurrected. After the disappointment of Ridley Scott’s (shiny!) Prometheus, all we really wanted was to snatch up Sigourney, and go back to the gritty universe we know and love — the one that actually makes sense (sorry, Mr. Scott!). Blomkamp made it known that rather than impeding upon Scott’s forward movement with Prometheus 2 — which, despite ourselves, we all know we’ll see — his film will feel like the “genetic sibling” of Alien and Aliens, linking to those films rather than Alien 3 and Resurrection events. Later, the director confirmed Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley would return to the franchise in hopes of giving her character a “proper ending;” the two worked their ideas together during Chappie filming. And in a vote of confidence for the project, Ridley Scott is producing the as yet (for us) untitled Alien entry — Blomkamp says his actual title reveals too much. Also of note is that Blomkamp did have to make a slight edit to his script; “I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus [2] a little bit, but Blomkamp posted the latest concept art to his Instagram, saying the new film is coming along swimmingly:

#alien going very well. Love this project

A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

Hicks! Corporate muscle! RIIIIPPPPLLLEEEEYYY! (Ahem. Pardon me.)

The new photo joins Blomkamp’s previously released artwork, which will properly creep you right the fuck out:






I wonder if this picture has to do with the bit Blomkamp had to change; this guy looks like an Engineer.


What’s clear is that Blomkamp knows exactly what we’re looking for in continuing Alien and Ripley’s stories; I’m practically salivating over the idea of seeing his film.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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