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Mulder And Scully Got Back Into Bed Together This Weekend To Answer Questions About The 'X-Files'

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | October 14, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Industry | October 14, 2013 |

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson did a Reddit AMA this weekend. This is the photo that they put up. I BELIEVE!


Here are some highlights from the event:

Q: Don’t you guys think Queequeg deserved better?

David Duchovny: Yes.

Gillian Anderson: No. That dog killed people with its farts and it deserved to die a nasty death in the mouth of that alligator or whatever it was. Ugh. I had to shampoo it, or walk away every few seconds, because these puffs of nastiness kept happening.

David Duchovny: “Puffs of Nastiness” should be your band name.

Q: I think The X-Files is one of the most influental shows ever, and has really paved the way for a lot of great shows after it.
My question is, was there ever a plot line that came out of the writers room that made you stop and say “Seriously?”

David Duchovny: Some of the one-offs. Like the killer cats episodes. Todos los Bichos. They were domesticated killer cats.

Gillian Anderson: So there’s a scene where Scully is attacked by a killer cat. So they had made up a cat on a stick that had moveable arms and legs, but I’m allergic to cats, so they made it out of rabbit fur instead. The fur kept coming off and sticking to my lipstick, and I was peeing my pants laughing. So we were either cutting because I couldn’t keep a straight face, or we had to keep re-applying my lipstick because the fur kept sticking to my face.

David Duchovny: It was Kim Meadows, because Kim came up to us, we were being bratty and poor Kim came up to us and he had pages and pages of notes from the writer because there was a scene where the guy comes in and tell us the dog was killed (It was killed by a cat, but we didn’t know that yet) and we were supposed to have some kind of emotional reaction to a dog dying that we didn’t know. Kim came over and it said something like “The agents should react appropriately to Fluffy’s death, Fluffy was a beloved dog” and we had never met fluffy, we hadn’t even met the guy who owned Fluffy, and we were supposed to weep.

Q: Who/what was your favorite “monster of the week”? Love you guys!

David Duchovny: my favorite would be Flukeman because Darinn Morgan was in the suit, one of our great writers. And I had never met him, and I never did meet him, because he was in the suit and it took so much time in makeup. So when we did that show, I never actually saw Darin’s face. A couple of months later I was on a flight from Vancouver to LA and a guy sat next to me and started asking me a bunch of inane questions. I thought “Oh my god, I have 3 hours to sit next to this guy.” And I was despairing. ANd then he handed me a book and said “will you sign it to my nemesis?” and I said “what do you mean” and he said “I’m Darin Morgan, I’m Flukeman.”

Gillian Anderson: My favorite Monster of the week used to be, well I would normally answer that it would be Tooms. But on the first episode that we shot, Tooms 1, It was my birthday when we were shooting it. I turned 25. And Doug offered me a birthday present. To come to my hotel room. And I did not take him up on it. And I’m very grateful now that I did not take him up on it. (oh, creepy Doug)

David Duchovny: He offered me the same thing, and it wasn’t even my birthday.

Q: Who amongst the both of you, should I have with me to have a better chance of surviving a zombie/alien apocalypse?

Gillian Anderson: David, definitely. No, you would. I just saw World War Z. You’d win, I’d die in a second.

David Duchovny: You’d have to take off your heels to run. Can your little legs reach the pedals?

Q: David, did you keep the red speedo from The X-Files ;) #ddd

David Duchovny: That was MY red speedo. It’s in the Smithsonian. Really.

Q: hey david and gillian, what was the most embarrassing moment each of you had on set? xxxxx

David Duchovny: Well I think I told this story at Comic-Con but we were shooting an episode in LA, we were shooting Arcadia, and so they were flushing all of their garbage psychic and otherwise, and there was this monster that was made out of all of that. And we had a bit of a crowd watching, just because we weren’t locked up in a McMansion, and I hadn’t seen the monster, and I shot my reactions of being terrified first and girding myself to battle it, and then the poor guy came out in the monster suit, and Michael Watkins had the best line because I said “That’s not a scary looking monster” and he said “He looks like the guy who fucked Mrs. Butterworth.” Mrs. Butterworth is a maple-syrup bottle. That was embarrassing for me to react in front of spectators at nothing as if I was terrified.

Gillian Anderson: I can think of plenty outside of the show. In retrospect, embarrassing was my pastel purplish pantsuits, they weren’t even natural, like Lycra. Or the fact that we materialized the cell phones out of midair because they wouldn’t have fit in our pockets. Or where would we get the giant flashlights from?

(via ONTD)

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