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"Then came the day MTV blew us away...."

By Seth Freilich | Industry | May 11, 2010 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | May 11, 2010 |

Fucking remakes, man. Over on Sky TV, the Brits get to watch this lovely little teen dramedy called “Skins” (we get it here in the States, well after the fact, on BBC America). As I previously wrote in my review of Season Three of “Skins” about the first two seasons:

While not a perfect show by any means, the first two seasons were really quite good…. The cast was quite excellent, from the two actors you probably know (a pre-Slumdog Millionaire Dev Patel, in a drastically different role, and a quite post-About a Boy Nicholas Hoult), to a lot of names you’ve probably never heard of (the particular standouts being Mike Bailey, Hannah Murray and Joseph Dempsie — you’ll know at least one of these actors five years from now, is my bet). Thanks to both the actors and the writing, most of the characters walked a fine line between being both caricatures and entirely believable high school kids. The show had a lot of drama, without often falling into melodrama, and the comedy was wicked funny.

While my review of Season Three was a bit more tepid, it’s actually grown on me of late, and I’m looking forward to catching Season Four (which has already aired across the pond) as soon as May sweeps is done. While the show works because of its acting, writing, and music, above all else, it works because there is just something quintessentially British about it. And much like “Coupling” before it, I suspect that it defies the Americanized remake. But MTV is going to give it a go anyway, as it is finally moving forward with its plans to remake the show (it’s had the rights since last August). Not much is known about the planned 10 episode run beyond this: “Similar to the original series, “Skins” will feature a mostly unknown cast. There’s been no official start day of production, but the series is set to take place in Baltimore.”

Well, we also know the show won’t be nearly as fun as the original. For starters, the original cast is just too spot-on. For seconders, stupid standards mean MTV will not be able to give us colorful dialogue like “I’ll kill you, you fucking flat-chested cocksucking spastic horsefucker!” And for thirders, no way in hell does MTV have the balls to include perhaps the most offensive musical of all time, one that still gets stuck in my head at least once a month (YouTube has disabled embedding, so you’ll have to dig it directly).

In other words, suck a nut MTV.

(Source: Variety. Yes, Variety, you may not source when you steal from bloggers, but we’ll still source you anyways.)

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