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Michael K. Williams and 9 Other Notable Actors Cut From Big Movies

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 22, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 22, 2017 |

The Han Solo movie is doing some reshoots and, in doing so, cut out Michael K. Williams (The Wire, The Night Of). Williams was unable to make the reshoots under new director Ron Howard. He’s busy filming in South Africa for the film The Red Sea Diving Resort with Sir Ben Kingsley and Captain AmericaChris Evans. Since he couldn’t appear in the reshot scenes, his character was cut from the film.

This is, of course, not the first time that an actor with name recognition has been cut from the final version of a film.

Paul Rudd - Bridesmaids

Rudd went on a disastrous date with Annie (Kristen Wiig). Test audiences didn’t like the lovable Rudd playing a mansplaining dickwad, so it was cut.

Mickey Rourke - The Thin Red Line

Terrence Malick, man. He’ll cut you right out. In fact, he’s known for it. Just from The Thin Red Line he cut out Bill Pullman, Lukas Haas, and significantly reduced the role of Adrien Brody. Then you have cutting out Rachel Weisz and Michael Sheen from The Wonder.

Chris Cooper - The Ring

The original cut of the film had Naomi Watts’ reporter character Rachel interviewing a child killer played by Cooper. His character then disappeared through the rest of the film, only to reappear at the end when Rachel gives him a copy of the cursed tape to save her son. Audiences were interested in Cooper’s character and so he was cut to take the focus back to Rachel versus Samara.

Tracey Ullman - Death Becomes Her

Ullman was supposed to portray a bartender in the flick. According to her website, “Ernest and Toni decide to stage Earnest’s death and run off together. Toni was pinnacle to the film’s moral. Removing her expunges the point it’s trying to make. Unfortunately, this would be the result.”

Michelle Monaghan - Syriana

Her role of beauty queen travelling to the Middle East was cut from the film. Also…

Michelle Monaghan - Unfaithful

…her role as secretary to Richard Gere was cut from this film. Then…

Michelle Monaghan - Constantine

…she played the love interest to Keanu Reeves’ titular character. The director ultimately felt that giving Constantine a love interest detracted from his loneliness and whatnot.

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