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Meg Ryan Preps for Comeback, and Why We Need to Welcome Her Back with Open Arms

By Courtney Enlow | Industry | October 14, 2013 |

By Courtney Enlow | Industry | October 14, 2013 |

Ten years since In the Cut flopped, beginning a career lull the likes of which were unimaginable circa Sleepless in Seattle and her other major hits, news comes now that Meg Ryan will be producing and starring in a new sitcom for NBC. Ryan will play a character who sounds a lot like all the other characters she’s played with great success over the years, a “sunny, devoted and desperately nonconfrontational single mom who decides to return to her New York publishing house where she was once a brilliant editor to find that she now works for Brenda, a neurotic 30-year-old who was once her former intern.”

I for one wish her every bit of luck, good vibes and well-wishes I am able to muster. And regardless of the show’s quality, I will watch and DVR just to give her some views.

And here’s why this is important: because she was handed a shit deal. She cheated on her infamously unfaithful husband, and both said unfaithful husband and partner in the affair have suffered no consequences whatsoever. She lost her entire career. Twenty years as America’s sweetheart and we dropped her with a thud so hard it shattered a flawless reputation and any real career prospects for 10 years, then, when she attempted to salvage some semblance of her glory days with unfortunate plastic surgery, we mocked her, relegating her to a joke, a punchline. I mean…


Now she’s back. Now she has another chance, one she’s given herself as both star and producer, as a woman in her fifties.

Now who wouldn’t root for that?

You deserved better than you got, Meg. To rally and come back, forging your own future? That’s something to be commended. The least I can do is watch, and hope it’s good. We missed you.

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