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Meet The New Boss

By Miscellaneous | Industry | August 5, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | August 5, 2010 |

It would be extremely easy to still hate Lost if that finale didn’t satisfy you the way you wanted. Pajiba’s own Cindy Davis still has a little place in her heart that bubbles with undying resentment towards it. If that’s your opinion, you might want to stop reading now and just spew your hate in the comments.

As for the rest of you, the ones who still care about these characters, there’s going to be an eleven minute epilogue called “The New Man in Charge” featuring Hurley and Ben Linus closing up various Dharma outfits. That’s exciting, right? I certainly love those two. And think of the hijinks!

Here’s about a minute of it to wet your whistle.

OK, so it might not give the crazy Lost fans all of their precious answers but I think it might actually be great. Imagine Up In the Air with Ben Linus as George Clooney. I imagine that even Dharmites have families to feed and rent to pay. It’s going to be perfect for that cold-hearted little bastard. We’ll certainly see a scene where Hurley doesn’t like doing this but Ben ultimate convinces him that it’s for the greater good, or something similar.

I just have one problem here — they want me to buy the last season of Lost, But I can safely say that after the finale I realized that I never need to revisit the island.

How many of you would actually buy the 6th Season? Besides this little epilogue, there’s no appeal for me. I’ll Netflix the last disc if Youtube can’t keep it up.

What do you think, Losties?

(via Access Hollywood)

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