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McG Determined to Further Ruin Everything You've Ever Loved

By TK Burton | Industry | December 7, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Industry | December 7, 2009 |

God, rot in hell, McG.

After directing the middling Terminator: Salvation, a pretty film to look at with some impressive action scenes and zero emotional resonance (not to mention one of the all-time stupidest endings), I would have hoped that McG was persona non grata in the Terminator camp. And with the rights to the film up in the air at the moment — Halcyon is bleeding cash and needs to sell the franchise to stay alive — the future of future Terminator flicks is murky at best. For the love of God, can we stop giving the franchise to half-assed directors with no idea how to revive the franchise?

Anyway, according to Slashfilm (via Gizmodo), McG talked on the Salvation Blu-Ray Live commentary on Saturday night about his desire to keep going (while also apparently comparing himself to Hitchcock - douchebag). Apparently, his vision was for Salvation to be the first entry of a trilogy of Terminator films. Yes, he wants to make a fifth and sixth one, and at some point even wants to revive Sarah Connor. The man behind Charlie’s Angels wants to do his very best to drive the franchise deep into the ground, and then piss in the hole. That’s just outstanding. Hey, let’s give him Superman next. I mean, that hasn’t been totally ruined yet. Or better yet, Batman! Yeah, screw Christopher Nolan and his gorgeous rendering of Gotham. Let’s give all of our favorites to McG. And then Hollywood will simply drown in our bile.

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