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I'm The Guy Who Does His Job. You Must Be The Other Guy

By TK Burton | Industry | December 1, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | December 1, 2010 |

Marky Mark is busy, y’all. His film career is pretty enigmatic, and he’s got a lot of shit under his boots — Max Payne, The Lovely Bones, Four Brothers and (gulp) The Happening). To his credit, he conceded that The Happening was a bucket of cold donkey shit (click here to read about it), and I admire his honesty. It wasn’t a terribly vicious attack, but more an acknowledgment of some poor judgment on his part. Wahlberg seems like good people.

In any event, he’s got a mess of projects on his plate right now. He was recently cast as Nathan Drake in David O. Russell’s adaptation of the outstanding video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune — another partnership with Russell (their third, including the excellent Three Kings, which bodes well). I know, I know, you wanted Nathan Fillion. You’re not gonna get him, OK? Let’s all just accept that as much as we love Captain Tightpants, he’s never gonna be a movie star. It sucks, I agree, let’s move on. Wahlberg’s a solid choice, so don’t bitch too much.

Now, he’s also attached to Broken City, a black list script that’s apparently chock full of delicious noir tones. Here’s the synopsis, via Slashfilm:

Mark Wahlberg would play Taggart, a former cop who was disgraced for shooting a teenager. Years later, he’s a private detective, and his services are sought by the New York mayor to look into his wife’s fidelity, or lack thereof.

It’s a relatively simple premise that in the right hands, has great potential. And from all accounts, the script is phenomenal. The film right now is in the hands of Allen Hughes to direct, which doesn’t bode quite as well. Allen, as one half of the Hughes Brothers, has a spotty track record at best, with films such as The Book Of Eli, From Hell, and Menace II Society under his belt — with the latter being the only really quality film. The rest were visually arresting but ultimately misguided films. But Eli made big bucks, so Hughes is getting work again. Hughes is also attached to Warner Brothers’ live-action Akira remake, which terrifies most of us.

Regardless, it’s good to see Mr. Mark getting work. And I admit, I’m kind of psyched to see Uncharted made into a movie — it’s one of the few video games that’s perfect for a cinematic adaptation.

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