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This Is Why I Worship At The Altar Of Indie Flicks

By Brian Prisco | Industry | January 20, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | January 20, 2010 |

I fear studio projects because to recompense their massively bloated budgets, they have to appeal to every Joe Six-Pack and Suzy Homemaker and Larry Crippling-Credit-Debt. So you don’t get daring and risky and insane plots. You get boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy fights foreigners in black, boy wins girl saves America listens to Toby Keith. You don’t get a chance to whomp ass on the crazy shit I’m about to break to you.

Mark Romanek — the music video director who was responsible for the magnificent One Hour Photo — has been slated to direct Michael R. Perry’s black list script for The Voices. The Voices follows Jerry, a household fixtures manufacturer, who accidentally murders one of his co-workers. He then starts taking advice on the murder from his pets, Mr. Whiskers and Bosco. That’s some incredibly fucked-up fun, and super dark. The best part is that Romanek is pushing for Ben Stiller to play the role of Jerry. Remember what he did for Robin Williams? Remember how nearly awesome The Cable Guy could have been? Yeah, I remember that Ben Stiller — especially indie Ben Stiller — can be fucking creepy. And I’m digging on this project big time.

If that weren’t good enough, the next project combines two of your favorite things in the world: zombies and explicitly depressing hipster romance. Jonathan Levine — director of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and The Wackness — is taking on the script for Warm Bodies. It tells the story of a hapless zombie named R who strikes up a relationship with the human girlfriend of one of his victims. I have no fucking idea how that possibly works and frankly the logic math kind of makes my left eye start to wink and I think I smell burning cat, but Levine can handle humor, awkward ass romance, with hints of horror. It could be a lot of fun, depending on the cast.

While everyone else is going to have to try to write up the latest fucking comic book rumors, I get to write reviews about this kind of shit! So support smaller films, and you’ll get more insane stuff like this. Do it in the name of Indie Jeebus.

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