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Maisie Williams Says It'd Be 'Cool' To Play The Doctor And Is Famous Enough For Us To Talk About It

By Riley Silverman | Industry | February 9, 2016 |

By Riley Silverman | Industry | February 9, 2016 |

First and foremost, I will not believe that Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who until there’s a goddamned press release and a big fancy reveal special where we find out who the next Doctor will be. Or at least until he says it plain as day, not tabloid speculation on BBC rumors or re-purposed quotes, or melancholy speculation, but the words “I am leaving Doctor Who.” Sorry, I need a second, even typing that made me a bit sad.

So the thing about Doctor Who casting rumors is that almost no actual facts need to be present in order for them to spark a fire in the fandom. You may remember last fall when Hayley Atwell sent a single tweet to a fan stating she’d like to be the Doctor. If you’re famous, you can just say you’d like to be the Doctor and as far as the fans are concerned, contract negotiations have begun. Helen Mirren said she’d like to play the role, then said she wouldn’t, and she’s been on fan speculation lists ever since.

Entering the fray now is series 9 cast member Maisie Williams, who has said that it’d be cool to play the Doctor, although she really seems more keen for Idris Elba to play him. But because she showed even the slightest casual bit of interest, the gears are turning. For the record, I also think it would be cool to play the Doctor, but I have a feeling my lack of Game of Thrones notoriety means that rumor won’t spread past the walls of Pajiba. Seriously though, Chibnall: a transgender lesbian American Doctor, it’d be a gamechanger.

While Peter Capaldi was certainly able to step into the Doctor’s coat, despite having appeared on both Doctor Who and Torchwood, as different characters, Maisie likely won’t be considered too seriously due to the significance of her role as Ashildr/Me in series 9. If a female Doctor were to be considered seriously, Atwell actually has a better shot, and even has some Whovian cred due to her vocal work on Big Finish Audio productions.

If you’re not caught up on series 9, look away because it’s about to get all sorts of spoilery up in here, but I think fans of the show would rather not see Maisie as the Doctor, but instead starring in her own Who spinoff with Jenna Coleman and their delightful adventures together in their very own TARDIS.


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