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Update: 'Mad Men' Definitely Going '70s; Draper's Suit Going to Smithsonian

By Sarah Carlson | Industry | February 18, 2015 |

By Sarah Carlson | Industry | February 18, 2015 |

AMC is releasing a flurry of Mad Men promotional photos and videos ahead of the series’ final Season Seven episodes, which premiere Sunday, April 5.

Jessica ParĂ©’s new look as Megan is the biggest surprise, not just that her character is returning even though she and Don decided to finally call it quits in the first half of Season Seven, which aired in 2014, but that she appears to have gone full Cher.

Megan 1 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Does this mean Mad Men is venturing into the 1970s? The first half of Season Seven ended right after the moon landing in July 1969; will creator Matthew Weiner step into a new decade after having spent the series chronicling beginning in March 1960?

Family Shot Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Ladies2 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg


Don’s looking a little gray … Maybe they are jumping forward a bit? Speaking of the shade, his gray suit and fedora, along with his bar car, will soon be added to the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Updated: More photos and videos have been released, and it’s safe to say Pete’s hairline and Roger’s sideburns definitely point to the 1970s:

Men Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Roger Joan Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Pete Peggy Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

The photos were released through multiple outlets, and each site is sharing an interview with the ladies about the evolution of their characters and their favorite scenes.

ParĂ©’s pick over at Vanity Fair? When Don proposes to Megan at the end of Season Four. It meant her character was sticking around, and aren’t we all glad for that?

Megan 2 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Also check out Elisabeth Moss at TV Guide;

Peggy Joan 2 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Don Peggy Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Christina Hendricks at Entertainment Weekly;

Joan Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Peggy Joan Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Kiernan Shipka at Teen Vogue;


And January Jones at People .


Also, check out videos of Vincent Kartheiser on Variety and John Slattery on The Wrap.

No video so far for Jon Hamm, but The Daily Mail did share some somber photos of Don at a garden party.

Don Draper Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Don Draper 2 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Don Draper 3 Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Let the Season Seven speculating begin. Reddit already is poking fun of us with our yarn and bulletin boards at the ready:

Don Reddit Mad Men Season Seven.jpg

Sarah Carlson is Television Editor for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter. She invites you to join the Not Great, Pod! ‘Mad Men’ rewatch.

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