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This Week In Hollywood Casting Word Jumble!

By TK Burton | Industry | October 26, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | October 26, 2010 |

Everyone knows that Hollywood Word Jumble is a favorite game of ours. Every now and then, we seem to see ideas thrown into a blender, then the blender is thrown into a bigger blender, then shot into space. What falls to Earth is then used for movie ideas.

Apparently, writer/director Chris Rossi applied a similar idea for the casting of Lives Of Saints, a film about “intertwining story lines about a group of Angelinos seeking redemption for past mistakes.”

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Anyway, shooting for Rossi’s film starts next month. The cast couldn’t be any more goddamn random: John Lithgow, Kat Dennings, Joe Anderson, Meg Ryan, Anthony Anderson, Esai Morales and Curtis “50 Fuckin’ Cent” Jackson are all featured. That’s a bizarre friggin’ cast, but there’s some solid talent in there. Kat Dennings is criminally underused, and not just because I have an embarrassing crush on her. Lithgow? I’d watch him try on hats. He’s always at the very least interesting. Joe Anderson has consistently impressed me in everything I’ve seen him in (including The Crazies and Operation: Endgame), and Meg Ryan… um… hasn’t done much recently. But she’s a veteran with some serious chops. Anthony Anderson is… um… on “Law And Order” these days. Yeah.

As for Jackson? Fucked if I know. Hollywood seems determined to make him a movie star, even though I’ve yet to see him do anything remotely interesting. Jury’s still out on him.

This has been your October 2010 edition of Hollywood Word Jumble.


(source: THR)

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