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Palin Takes on Letterman

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 11, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 11, 2009 |

News is kind of slow of late, so we’ve been actually featuring a lot of clips from late-night TV. It’s a good time for it, actually. With Conan taking over “The Tonight Show,” Late Night Wars 2.0 have sparked up, and after a huge debut last Monday for Conan, Dave surpassed him in the ratings in 7 business days, capturing his first late night win in 8 months on Tuesday when Julia Roberts showed up (it was a great interview, by the by).

Anyway, the latest kerfuffle involves Sarah goddamn Palin, for God’s sake. And it’s actually created a much bigger controversy than I ever could’ve imagined. When I saw Dave apologizing for some jokes he made last night, I thought at first he was being facetious. Why apologize for a few jokes that aren’t even half as bad as you might hear on “The Daily Show”? But apparently, in spheres of the pop-culture universe that I don’t visit very often, Letterman is actually taking a lot of heat. Completely uncalled for, but the humorless right has jumped up on its righteousness horse.

Clearly, much of the controversy has been manufactured, probably in a vain attempt to get Sarah Palin some more coverage. But it’s gotten so out of hand that Letterman — 62-fucking-year-old David Letterman, who has been running a talk show for 30 years — is suddenly trending over on Twitter. Check out some of these comments, and keep in mind that, anyone with half a left brain knew that the fairly benign jokes that Dave made were in regard to the older Palin daughter, Bristol — the 18-year-old girl who was knocked up — and not the 14-year-old that Sarah Palin made these jokes out to be about:

@jillianwv Sorry Letterman, Rape jokes R not funny..I am democrat and an apology of “oops, wrong daughter” is not enough..idiot move!!

@falloutkid07 Mr. Letterman, jokes about rape are NEVER okay. You are not excused because you are a “comedian.”

@PaulArmstrongSr That Letterman’s gutter comedy & hate speech appeals to some ppl is disgusting.

@ParentingWithD Letterman needs to fire a few staff… insulting a 14yo like that is just well, sick. they should have known it was her 14yo with her

@whothehellru Letterman, What a sick jerk. Nothing will be done about it though. Another example of the clearly obvious bias media and TV networks.

@freerepublic Letterman is a Scum Bag. This it what passes for Civil Discourse with the Left in this country.

@ConservativeGal Letterman is a pig, haven’t watched him in years… let’s see him say that about O’s girls… what would happen then?

Now, put those comments in context with what was actually said, along with Letterman’s rare apology:

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