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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winnie Cooper Fantasy Post

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | May 12, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | May 12, 2010 |

  • Universal Soldier IV. In 3D. With Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme. I had no idea they could make straight-to-DVD movies in 3D. (Slashfilm)

  • I don’t know if you’d chalk this up to bad news or not, but Comedy Central has cancelled “The Sarah Silverman Show.” I like Sarah Silverman, but that show blew horse chunks. I guess it’s full time fucking Matt Damon now. (Deadline)

  • Timothy Olyphant has replaced Sharlito Copley on DJ Caruso’s I Am Number Four. Turns out, Copley wanted to dress like a goddamn Vulcan, and Caruso wasn’t down with that. True story. (FilmDrunk)

  • Fans of Spartacus: Blood and Sand over on Starz (all nine of you): Rejoice! A six-part prequel has been greenlit. (Movieline)

  • If you’re one of the thousands of people who downloaded The Hurt Locker, via Torrents, during its theatrical run, you may very well be completely fucked. Check your mailbox for a notice of lawsuit in the coming days. (THR) (Also, why the hell are they going after the people who downloaded it? Go after the dude who released it to the torrents in the first place.)

  • Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto have signed on to Margin Call, another fascinating movie about the banking crisis. (Deadline)

  • Finally, I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. One the one hand: “Winnie Cooper: Pinup Girl” basically fulfills all of my 8th grade fantasies. On the other hand, Maxim? Really? Jesus, Danica. You’re way too fucking good for Maxim. You’re way too good for Pajiba, too, but at least the nerds and the geeks in their bunk right now won’t slip you a roofie at a kegger like troglodytic Maxim readers. Pajibans will just Facebook stalk you.


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