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Cruise is Cool Again

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | December 22, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | December 22, 2009 |

The thing about Tom Cruise movies, and about big, over-hyped spectacles like Avatar or Snakes on a Plane a few years ago, is that on a site like Pajiba, critics can not win. If you like the movie, then you’re giving into the hype; if you don’t like the movie, it’s because you couldn’t view the film objectively through all the hype. That goes doubly where Tom Cruise films are involved, because they not only come with weeks of hype, but also star Tom Cruise, who is detested on a personal level by so many who can’t see the forest through the Scientology jokes. I’ve taken that bullet twice, with both Mission Impossible III and Valkyrie (I liked both a great deal) and the best thing you can do as a critic, really, is just be completely honest about your opinion and take the heat in the comments section from a lot of people who made up their mind about the movie as soon as Tom Cruise’s name was printed on the movie poster.

So, you know, fuck it — I don’t care what kind of cult Cruise is part of, or what alleged contract his wife signed, or what his true sexual orientation is. When it comes to Tom Cruise movies, they are good far more than they are not. He has the occasional hiccup (Lions for Lambs, I understand, is one of those) and went through a two-year PR nightmare that more or less ended with that Tropic Thunder cameo. And now he’s got a movie coming out in July — Knight and Day — with Cameron Diaz, who is another divisive actress, and a lot of folks make up their mind about her movies before they see them, too (in this case, they’re right more times than not, though The Box was pretty nifty, notwithstanding her terrible accent).

To the point: Here’s the trailer for Knight and Day, which comes from James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma). After vetting something like 15 projects and hiring his own script polishers, this is what he finally landed on. And you know what? Watching this trailer, I don’t care about Scientology or Katie Holmes or whoever it is that Cameron Diaz is dating at the moment, all I see is a really fun looking action pic that I will happily review on opening day, and more likely than not, get beat up in our comments section if I like it.

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