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Kevin Smith, We Salute You For 'Thor: Ragnarok', Sir!

By Jodi Smith | Industry | November 8, 2017 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | November 8, 2017 |

I remember watching Captain America: The First Avenger before I watched Thor. I thought then, and still think now, that The First Avenger is the better of the two movies and will hold up well as time goes on. That’s not to say that Thor didn’t have its moments, as Thor slamming his coffee cup on the diner floor and yelling for more is classic. It’s just that the tone of The First Avenger knew what it wanted to be and I don’t think Thor was ever really sure.

When Thor: The Dark World came out, I wasn’t interested because I had been so disappointed in the first movie. However, we own the movie and we watched it. Once. It is probably the only MCU movie I’ve only seen once and don’t care to see again. It was also confused, convoluted, less fun, and too serious. It just didn’t work for me. Apparently it didn’t work for Chris Hemsworth either, as the star was frustrated with his standalone flicks.

Hemsworth was done with the Thor in previous movies and according to Vanity Fair, was the one to suggest cutting the hair and destroying Mjölnir in the third movie. He took to heart some criticisms from Kevin Smith, which led to his ideas and insistence on changing things up.

“Hearing someone like Smith, who represents the fanboy world, was such a kick in the ass to change gears,” Hemsworth says. “We sort of had nothing to lose. People didn’t expect what we did with it this time around.”

It didn’t hurt that Marvel was able to see Hemsworth’s comedic chops in his two Saturday Night Live hosting gigs and his turn as Kevin in Ghostbusters. Taking the feedback from Smith and Hemsworth allowed Marvel to embrace the strengths of their leading man and bring in genius Taika Waititi as director. What they created was the first Thor movie I’ve been interested in going to the theater to see, and that’s a feat on par with the film’s $121 million opening weekend. Trust me on that.

So thank you, Kevin Smith. Perhaps you should bash the hell out of some DC properties so they can get their cinematic shit together as well?

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