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By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 3, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 3, 2010 |

I’m just gonna go ahead and set the old Pajiba Membership Card right here on the old ledge, just in case some of you want to take the scissors to it after my next few statements. Because depending on where you stand comically, the following news is going to simultaneously bring you joy and bug the fucking shit out of you.

Justin Timberlake is a fucking great actor, especially when asked to play comedically. Chug a motherfucking liter of Haterade and choke on the baby bitch at the bottom of the bottle, because this is a truer statement than you may ever read. Maybe the damn Disney club knows what they’re doing occasionally?

Anyway, thanks to our talented and handsome friends over at The Playlist ) (you should read them, they’re good, dammit), we’ve got the news that Timberlake is joining the cast of Bad Teacher, which sounds retarded at first, and then you read the power behind the project. And it’s a fucking googleplex lottery as to whether this will blast off or fail.

The script is from Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (“The Office,” Year One, Ghostbusters 3) and it’s gonna be directed by Jake Kasdan (Zero Effect, Orange County, Walk Hard). Go ahead a take a moment to trace back over those mini-CVs I tossed up there. I’ll be over here, scratching my fucking noggin. Cripes, it’s like looking at a Final Four bracket. Sure there’s some obviously quality picks in there, but there’s some hard core shit as well.

Surely, a quick gander at the cast will help us tip the tables as to whether it will rise or fail? Joining Timberlake will be starring with Cameron Diaz and her supporting cast of Jason Segel, Molly Shannon, John Michael Higgins, Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family’s” Cameron), and Lucy Punch.

Yeah, fuck it. This is like a goddamn coin toss. Again, for most of the marquee talent, I’ve either loved or loathed them — with the notable exception of John Michael Higgins, who I love with a Colbert-like fervor as well you should (he’s a MIIIIIIIINDTAKER!)

If I were a betting man, I’m going to say this is gonna be a monster fucking hit. The premise is unusual, but in stuff like this, it doesn’t even matter. Also, the release date is out in 2012, so the world could come crashing down before I get to be proven wrong. But I think this motley combo is gonna destroy, and I’m gonna actually put it on Cameron Diaz’s performance getting that ego boost shot in the arm from her kind reception in the forthcoming Knight and Day. I think this could be good.

So come with those scissors if you dare, bitches.

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