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John Travolta Is...Wrath, And What's Up With Guys of a Certain Age Going Rogue?

By Cindy Davis | Industry | May 20, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | May 20, 2015 |

Since discussing celebrity women’s age, how they’re aging and just how old they really are is so popular in the media these days, shouldn’t we welcome the boys to this party? Is it just me having a hard time taking third-quarter John Travolta seriously? It might be the hair thing, or the Scientology thing; I don’t know, but just reading about his next film gave me a serious case of the eyerolls.

I Am Wrath is another of those “You killed my *insert loved one here*, and now I’m going to kill your ass a thousand times over!” revenge things. In this case, Rebecca De Mornay plays the wife murdered in front of her husband Stanley (Travolta), whose grief and dissatisfaction at the killers going free leaves him no choice other than to TAKE JUSTICE INTO HIS OWN HANDS. You middle aged men and your hunger for justice…Speaking of which, are revenge films the new sports car; is it a Hollywood rite of passage to make a vengeance film? We now have Keanu Reeves (no more dead puppies, please!) and Travolta horning in on Liam’s territory, and honestly, can anyone do it better than Neeson (not since the days of Bronson, anyway)? If we have to vote between the two, I’m going with Reeves.

Whatever my issues with Travolta’s latest reinvention as “a family man that you would not want to cross,” this thing is coming at us. I Am Wrath was sold at Cannes this week. Directed by Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King, Eraser), Sam Trammell, Christopher Meloni, and Amanda Schull also co-star.

(via THR, photo via The Columbus Dispatch)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) dreamvows vengeance against an aging Moffat.

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