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JGL As Batman In The Justice League Movie? I Didn't Know Satan's Vagina Was in the Rumormongering Business

By Jodi Clager | Industry | November 27, 2012 |

By Jodi Clager | Industry | November 27, 2012 |

Listen, I’m a big Batman fan. A HUGE Batman fan. I tried to get my husband to agree that my new framed animation cel of Bane from Batman the Animated Series should replace our wedding photo in the living room. I have framed comics by the door. Maybe I have Batman underwear. I loved the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and enjoyed the little twist at the end where *SPOILER EVEN THOUGH REALLY, HOW COULD YOU STILL BE UNAWARE OF THIS DEVELOPMENT AND BE ON THE INTERNET* it was revealed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake was actually named Robin. Bruce Wayne was even nice enough to leave him the Batcave and all the fancy toys within.

Does that mean I want JGL to be Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie? Um, no. Of course, that’s the new rumor popping up. JGL will be Batman and the Justice League movie will follow the continuity of Nolan’s trilogy.

First of all, JGL isn’t Batman. HE’S ROBIN. That’s the whole thing with that ending. (I would also accept Nightwing, even though that’s technically Dick Grayson and John Blake is no acrobatic orphan.) But not Batman.

Reason B that this won’t work? Nolan’s trilogy doesn’t really play well with all of the other characters. As much as you have to stretch the term “rooted in reality” when it applies to a city full of criminals that play dress up and a savior dressed as a bat, this kind of thing is difficult to translate to other heroes. For instance, let’s say, EVERYONE ELSE IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE since they have super powers and Batman is just a gottdamned badass.
Until DC properties that aren’t Batman prove that they can rock your ass like Marvel, I am not excited about this Justice League movie. I hope this JGL rumor is either a way to rouse interest in the project or it means there is a solid script and capable director.

I vote the former.


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