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By TK Burton | Industry | September 16, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Industry | September 16, 2009 |

It’s not really “news,” since neither of these items are confirmed as of my writing this. But what the hell — Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a cool motherfucker who deserves every extra bit of pub he can get. So here we go.

First, according to SciFi Squad, Morgan (The Comedian in Watchmen) is apparently very close to being cast in a lead role in the MGM remake of the craperriffic 1984 film, Red Dawn. If chosen, he’d play the Special Forces tough guy (originally played by Powers Booth) who appears and helps the kids save America. Or some dumb shit, I don’t really remember. Look, I think Morgan’s an aces actor, but I can’t summon up any enthusiasm for a idiotic remake of a less-than-mediocre, idiotic, jingoistic 80’s bit of nonsense. But hey, dude’s gotta work.

Anyway, secondly, and infinitely more intriguing — he’s apparently busting his ass to try and get the lead in Guy Ritchie’s Lobo picture, which has neither a script nor a cast yet. I guess Morgan is a big comic book fan, and while he isn’t seven feet tall, I think he’s definitely got the look and the attitude to tackle it. So — get to work, Morgan. Bake some cupcakes for Ritchie. Send him flowers, Mow his lawn. Whatever, just get the part.

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