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It Turns Out Jena Malone Is Not Our 'Batman v Superman' Robin. So Who IS She Playing?

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 30, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 30, 2015 |

A few months ago, Jena Malone was spotted on the set of Batman v. Superman, and the previous rumors of her playing Robin were all but confirmed. Specifically, of her playing a mega kickass Frank Miller Carrie Kelley Robin.


And we, the internet… oh, we were excited. Sure, Kelley is a teenager, but this casting was so perfect, and Jena Malone— through her amazing Hunger Games rage fits— has proven herself to be the angry, snarky, uncomfortably sexy hellraiser of a hero we’re all clamoring for, that age doesn’t factor into it even a little bit. This was perfect.

Except that we were wrong. Malone is still a part of this movie, but she’s not playing Robin. According to multiple confirmed sources at Latino Review, she’s playing good ol’ Barbara Gordon.

Now, if this news were coming to us with no context or previous expectations, I’d be beyond excited. I love Barbara Gordon! I grew up watching her in Batman: The Animated Series and idolizing her refusal to hide her gorgeous red hair, secret identity be damned. She’s a great character; Jena Malone is freaking fantastic in everything. This is great, right? Of course it is. Except for that part of me that still really, REALLY wanted a female Robin on that big screen.

But what the hell— the excitement is still warranted. So onto the newly applicable question: Which Barbara Gordon will she be? The classic Batgirl Barbara?

Paraplegic Oracle Barbara?

Definitely not the weird Gotham bisexual-and-therefore-morally-ambiguous girlfriend to Jim Gordon Barbara, right?

(I assume not, since she was 1) Terrible, and 2) At most an ex-future Barbara Gordon, having broken off that engagement and never taken that last name. Also that part about that character being the worst.)

I suppose we’ll have to stay guessing a while longer.


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