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How The F**k Is David Tennant Returning for 'Jessica Jones' Season Two?

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 15, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 15, 2017 |

Look, we can debate about whether David Tennant’s creeptastic turn as the mind-controlling Kilgrave made him the top Marvel villain yet, but I think at the very least we can agree that he was a highlight in the first season of Jessica Jones (and also looks lovely in a pretty purple suit). So when Entertainment Weekly revealed that the actor would be returning to the role in the next season, I did a private little fist pump… before wondering how the hell that was going to work.


Because, uh, spoiler alert for a Netflix show that’s been around for awhile: Jessica (Krysten Ritter) kills the shit out of Kilgrave at the end of season one. Like snaps his neck kinda “kills.” And it’s a huge moment for her, because she finally puts an end to the source of her trauma and saves the lives of everyone he had mind controlled (including her best friend Trish). So how are they going to justify letting him pop back up in season two?

I’ve carefully thought this through, and in no particular order here are the options I can see:

He didn’t really die

This would be a huge cop out, but also not that unusual (duh, comics). Maybe he mind controlled everyone into perceiving that he died, and then got away? I hope that’s not the case because it would wipe out the impact of the previous season… but if it meant we could get more of Kilgrave in the future, I’d allow it.

He did die, but he came back

This is even MORE comic-booky. But considering his powers came from some crazy science experiments, maybe he also got some latent regenerative powers that kicked in? Or, hell, maybe a cosmic cube did it?


This is the most likely solution, though the set photos that are being circulated show Jessica in her leather jacket and ripped jeans, which seems like a pretty current ensemble for her. Still, they spent a lot of time together in the past, and those are stories that could be expanded on.

He’s a figment of Jessica’s imagination

The Jessica Jones we met in season one was still suffering from the trauma of her time enthralled to Kilgrave. He forced her to murder for him, and have sex with him, and act like she loved him. Even killing him wasn’t going to give her closure on all of that. So whether she’s haunted by him because of her own psychological issues, or he has somehow managed to actually worm his way into her psyche like a virus (comic books!), it wouldn’t be that surprising to find out that she was still seeing him around.

Oh wait, what if Jessica is LITERALLY haunted by him?

The MCU now has a mystical side, including Doctor Strange and even a Ghost Rider (thanks, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!), so who’s to say that Kilgrave isn’t wandering New York City as an actual fucking ghost, trying to get revenge on Jessica? It’d be weird, but I’d buy it.

Kilgrave had a secret twin!

Ok, that’s more soap opera than comic book, so how about…

Kilgrave had a secret clone!

Ah yes, that is a tried and true comic book trope. Bring on the clones!

Marvel is just fucking with us

What if Tennant isn’t going to be in the show at all, and they literally drove a truckload of cash to his house to get him to dress up in purple and show up on set to mess with us? Seems unnecessary and highly unlikely, but would also be weirdly impressive?

Blame The Defenders

We are still a few days away from getting to binge the big team up that all of these Marvel/Netflix shows have been building toward. So maybe this photo was released this week because we are about to find out exactly WHY Kilgrave is still around? Wait, is David Tennant going to show up in The Defenders? Did the Hand bring him back?! HOLY CRAP!

What do you lot think? Give me all of you hottest takes and most baseless speculation in the comments!

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