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House of Cards Against Humanity is a ___________ For Your ___________.

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 11, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 11, 2014 |

In anticipation of the return of House of Cards’ second season this Friday, Netflix has teamed up with the people at Cards Against Humanity for a pretty amazing marketing campaign. Apparently this is how it all went down:

Last month, someone in the Netflix marketing department had an epiphany: House of Cards and Cards Against Humanity both contain the word “cards.” When we got a phone call from Netflix, we enthusiastically agreed that the two products indeed contain the word “cards.”

For the uninitiated, Cards Against Humanity is the cruder cousin of Apples to Apples, where one person holds a black card and makes their friends scramble to appease them with the correlating white cards. It’s a competition of who can be funnier/raunchier/least sensical. It’s not my favorite game, but I would play the sh*t out of the House of Cards version 24/7.


If you get the “Forcing a handjob on a dying man” card, hold onto it. That one’s golden.

The game sold out pretty much immediately, but you can download the cards for free here.

Vivian Kane thinks the second Season of House of Cards is going to be completely __________.

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