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Here's Your Very Interesting 'Fantastic Four' Cast For Josh Trank's Reboot

By TK Burton | Industry | February 20, 2014 |

By TK Burton | Industry | February 20, 2014 |

I have no idea what to think of FOX’s Fantastic Four reboot. On the one hand, it’s FOX, and they’ve botched way too many comic book properties. They’re batting about .600 when it comes to the X-Men franchise, but other than that, it’s been a debacle. On the other hand, they’ve handed the reins over to Josh Trank, who directed the absolutely terrific Chronicle, and it’s also a return to him teaming up with actor Michael B. Jordan, who was announced as (gasp!) Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch.

Regardless, they have apparently rounded out the cast, and it’s… interesting. Unconventional in a couple of places. Apparently, Kate Mara (“House of Cards”, Shooter) will be playing Sue Storm, otherwise known as The Invisible Woman. Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) will play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic (although there’s a potential conflict with his shooting schedule for the next Divergent movie). And for Ben Grimm, who becomes the giant, stone-hided Thing? English actor Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott, “Turn”). No word on who the villain will be (although early rumors of a female Doctor Doom have been debunked).

It’s an odd mix, and younger than expected since they’re basing it off the ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ series which uses a younger set of characters. I’ve never seen “House Of Cards,” but Mara has always struck me as dreadfully boring in everything that I’ve seen her in. Teller is by all accounts very good, though my most painful experience with him is from Footloose, and I genuinely enjoy Bell, even if he makes some questionable decisions (hello, Jumper). Of course, the internet is shitting its collective pants because Jordan is a colored fella and HOW CAN HE BE SUE STORM’S BROTHER OH MY GOD RACE CARD RACE CARD RACE CARD.

These are the times that I wish I could shout “shut the fuck up” to the internet and it would actually hear me, but alas, I cannot. The thing about the Fantastic Four is that there has always been a strong undercurrent of family to the comic, and that was sort of missing from the original series (of course, also missing was writing, directing, good acting, and even a decent villain). There’s no reason why a black Johnny Storm can’t work, it’ll just require a little retconning, and if that’s going to bother you, then you should pretty much just stop reading comic books completely because that shit happens ALL the time.

I’ve said it a hundred times — people have no problem with comic book characters coming back to life, traveling to the future, changing their own past, having their origin stories repeatedly altered and mucked with, changing history, but for some reason if you change a character’s race and people lose their goddamn minds. Because people are awful.

Honestly, the bigger concern should be that FOX might crap the bed on it all over again. But for now, a cautious optimism may be in order.

(via The Nerdist)

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