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Ben Folds, Samira Wiley & The End of Sunday Funday: Here's What We Know About 'You're the Worst' Season 3

By Vivian Kane | Industry | August 10, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | August 10, 2016 |

It’s been about eight months since season two of You’re the Worst ended, and I’m still not sure I’ve totally recovered. Jimmy and Gretchen went to some dark places, but rebounded. The same can be said for Lindsay and Edgar, who also both ended the season on high notes of potential intimacy and growth. But it doesn’t matter how unprepared we are for the emotional walloping that’s headed our way, we’re only a few weeks out now from the August 31st season three premiere. Here’s what we know about the new season so far. (Head back now if you don’t want talk of previous seasons as well as the upcoming one!)

They’re not wasting any time.
Remember season two ended with Gretchen telling Jimmy he said something “really dark”? And then she returned the message, telling Jimmy she loved him back. That’s where season three is picking up, with a very NSFW scene. As Stephen Falk explained at the TCAs,

It’s important after a dark season two to reset them and show that they’re still hot for each other and came out of the season fairly in tact — at least carnally.

Edgar’s “issues” are going to return.


The addressing of Edgar’s PTSD waned a bit last season, although the way in which his past has affected his self-esteem was a big part of his arc with the sliz Dorothy. But this season, we’re going to see Edgar struggling again.

“I felt a responsibility if we were going to bring up combat issues back home, that we couldn’t just let it drop,” said Falk. “We had to at least deal with it in a real way. I felt this season was the right time, and we had a good story to tell.”

The guest stars are out of this world.


Does it seem like Gretchen, as a music publicist, should maybe have more clients than just Sam and his crew and that one teen girl who had her vag pap’d? (As in photographed by the paparazzi, not in the way that all women should have their vages papped.) Well, let’s all welcome Ben Folds, playing Ben Folds (albeit a “twisted version” of himself), with some sort of connection to Gretchen’s business.

Also, Gretchen is finally going to get into therapy. That’s a relief, because the show is too good to just drop all of the work they’d put into the inner workings of her brain, but also because it means we get Samira Wiley in a recurring role as her “no nonsense” therapist.

Can you even imagine being able to tell that face all of your problems?

We’ll see the turkey baster aftermath.


Yup, Lindsay inseminated herself like a Thanksgiving dinner. And from the sound of it, things are only going to get darker and weirder, and somehow, that event will top itself. As Kether Donohue puts it “I think Lindsay has a lot of inner rage that is not properly placed.” Falk also, of course, has a lot of thoughts on what Lindsay should (or more to the point should definitely NOT) be doing.

“Lindsay should absolutely not have a baby,” Falk said. “I worry for any baby born into the world of You’re the Worst because being a parent is about giving — but these characters are not very giving. Paul and Lindsay represent the dark side of trying to make a relationship work past its expiration date and for the wrong reasons. … For this reason, it tends to be more about competition with her sister and to live up to her mother’s high expectations. They, like all our characters, are a dark version of relationships.”

It’s the end of Sunday Funday.


We’re getting one more Sunday Funday episode, as we watch the group pour one out for the day itself. (Or, presumably, they would pour one out, if it didn’t mean wasting a mimosa.)

It’s called ‘The Last Sunday Funday,’ and it’s sort of us doing it again and acknowledging that we’re doing it again,” said Falk. “The characters realize that Sunday Funday has been co-opted by the general public, and now everyone’s doing it. There’s signs advertising Sunday Funday mimosas and people wearing Sunday Funday shirts, as we have noticed in actual society… So we’re embracing all of that and doing it, but doing it for the last time.

Via TV Guide & THR.

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