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Well F**k Me Gently With A Chainsaw: Here's A Look At The "Heathers" Reboot

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 28, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 28, 2017 |

The original Heathers from 1988 absolutely wrecked high school for me. Sure, there were still popular girls, and cliques, and outcasts, and jocks. But there wasn’t any murder. And even worse, nobody wore plaid double-breasted suit jackets with shoulder pads (to be fair, it was the late 90s by the time I was in high school, so people mostly stuck to low slung Abercrombie jeans). The movie set unrealistic expectations, and try as I might, I couldn’t find any dangerously unhinged hotties in the Christian Slater vein.

Times change, but bitchy popular girls are always in style. Out of all the reboots Hollywood has been cooking up, perhaps the one that makes the most sense is the upcoming TV update of Heathers. As good as the original movie still is, the concept of it seems evergreen. And based on this first promo, it appears serious thought has been put into how to update it to make it relevant to the teen experience of today.

Coming in 2018 to the Paramount Network. #Heathers #☠️

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Originally developed for TV Land and scheduled to air this fall, the series was apparently such a hit within Viacom that they’ve held on to it for the upcoming Spike TV rebrand. The series will premiere in the first quarter of 2018, after the channel relaunches as the Paramount Network. And best of all, it will be an anthology series à la Fargo, following whole new groups of terrible teens each season.

This updated take is reimagining the original characters of the 1988 film, putting a modern spin on them. Heather McNamara will be portrayed by Jasmine Mathews; Heather Duke (originally played by Shannen Doherty) is a male who identifies as gender-queer whose real name is Heath, played by Brendan Scannell; and Heather Chandler will be played by Melanie Field. Grace Victoria Cox (Under the Dome) will take on the role of Veronica (played by Wynonna Rider in the original), and newcomer James Scully stars as J.D. Shannen Doherty is booked to guest-star in the pilot, and Selma Blair has been confirmed to play a role as well.

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