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Here are the Rumored New Mutants In Josh Boone's Upcoming X-Men Movie

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 4, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 4, 2016 |

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but there are more mutants in the Marvel universe than Wolverine and Wolverine.

In fact, FOX is even in the process of making an X-Men movie that does not include Wolverine. It is to be directed by Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) and will follow characters from the New Mutants line of comics. Latino Review seems to think that Boone has revealed his young mutant cast via Instagram. Let’s take a look!

Magik aka Illyana Rasputin aka Colossus’ younger sister

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Long story short, Illyana was taken to Limbo where there are alternate versions of other X-Men. Alt Storm taught Illyana magic, Alt Shadowcat taught her hand-to-hand combat, and Belasco (Asshole in Charge) teaches her black magic. Magik creates her Soulsword, whips Belasco’s ass to take over Limbo, and then gets aged up like a soap opera character to return to Regular Earth. Much ass is whipped and many magics are spelled.

Wolfsbane aka Rahne Sinclair

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Wolfsbane is Scottish and was adopted and raised by Moira MacTaggert. This was after her biological father, Reverend Craig (wtf) tried to burn her at the stake and her biological mother was a prostitute.

Wolfsbane is able to transition between wolf and woman, making her appear like Wolfman werewolves and not Twilight werewolves. Of course, she can also go full Jacob if needed. She has all the powers of a werewolf, like strength, shredding, and shedding.

Danielle ‘Dani’ Moonstar aka Psych aka Mirage

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Mirage is Native American, Cheyenne, so let’s cross our fingers that Boone doesn’t cast someone lily white to portray her. Mirage’s powers are complicated, among them psionic powers, the ability to portend Death, on-and-off Valkyrie powers, and telepathy. She sounds rad and I hope FOX does right by her.

Cannonball aka Sam Guthrie

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Cannonball is able to empty entire swimming pools when jumping from the low diving board.

He also flies at the speed of a jet and creates a blast around him when doing so. His mutant power manifested when, working as a coal miner, the young Sam was in a mine collapse. He was able to save himself and his co-worker/pal of his dad’s from the disaster.

Sunspot aka Roberto de Costa

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Sunspot is Brazilian, so let’s not ask Johnny Depp to play him, okay?

Sunspot is able to fly, absorb solar power and then blast it at people, and he has superhuman strength. (Superhuman strength comes standard with all mutant ability packages, kids.) Sunspot can also shoot concussive blasts and project heat and light.

He first exhibited his powers when a gang of racist, soccer-playing kids tried to beat him up. When Sunspot did his whole “absorb the powers of the sun and become a solid block of endless power” deal, the kids ran. Hell, the whole stadium noped out.


#newmutants #warlock

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Now Warlock is a cybernetic extraterrestrial mutant. I guess he can turn into helicopters from Thomas the Train Engine at will, so that’s cool. He was originally used for these hilarious sight gags and then killed off, but got his own run in 1999.

Warlock is able to shape-shift and drain the “life” from other techno-organic creatures. He can also infect others with his techno-organic cooties, making them techno-organic. He’s like a vampire that needs batteries and can make himself into a Vespa.

So, there you have it. The rumored lineup for the not yet scheduled The New Mutants movie. Fingers crossed that they don’t whitewash the cast or give a Wolverine: Origins rewrite to the characters.

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