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Sometimes I Despair The World Will Never See Another Man Like Him

By TK Burton | Industry | January 30, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Industry | January 30, 2011 |

I admit it — I’m kind of dying to see Sucker Punch. Mainly because, now that Zack Snyder has been given the reins of Superman: The Man Of Steel, I desperately want to see if he can make a big, impressive, effects-driven movie that doesn’t bore me (Watchmen), or isn’t completely ridiculous (300).

But of course, the first step is to actually find your Kal-El, and it appears that Snyder has finally done so. It won’t be Brandon Routh returning to role that he was servicable in in Superman Returns. It won’t be Jon Hamm (HAAAAAAAMMMMM!). Instead, the part will go to Henry Cavill (so much for the whole “trying to find an American actor” thing).

I’m down with it. Cavill hasn’t been in much that’s been widely seen, but from what I can tell he’s a solid actor, solidly performing in “The Tudors,” most recently. He’s got the right look, he’s reasonably tall (6’1”, if IMDB is to be believed), and, you know, what the hell.

The thing is, the actor who plays Superman isn’t as critical as it is in other superhero genres — at least, not really. Christopher Reeve was a great Superman, but not because he gave a fantastically nuanced, amazing performance. No, he was great because he looked the part, could play the noble son bit, and was a solid actor. The same is essentially true of Brandon Routh. The trick with Superman is less about who plays the man of steel (as long as it’s not Nic Cage, anyway), and more about what you do with him. The last thing audiences want to see is for Supes to just go through the motions again — Luthor with a plot to destroy/take over the world, Superman is tortured because he can’t be with Lois, oh noes! Kryptonite! Overcome it, beat the bad guys, moving on.

Dear God, not that again. Seriously, it needs to be something different. It needs a great villain and a new, interesting story. So yeah, I suppose I’m pleased with Cavill’s casting. But for the love of God, don’t botch the story (hopefully Christopher Nolan’s overseeing things can help).

Seriously. Braniac. Or Zod.


(source: The Playlist)

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