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Has Eliza Coupe Been Reading Our Erotic Fan Fiction?

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 24, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | February 24, 2016 |

Every show that doesn’t put Eliza Coupe in its cast is not as good a show as it could be. This is fact. Do you need evidence? Here. Here’s your evidence.

A photo posted by Eliza Coupe (@theelizacoupe) on

Even though all we want in life is for Happy Endings to come back to TV, it’s always great when Coupe pops up in other shows. She only ever makes things better. And leggier. But today it was announced that she’d be joining Seth Rogan’s new Hulu show Future Man and, well… this may be more than we can handle. Future Man is “a high-concept comedy that centers on Josh Futterman [GET IT???] a janitor by day/world-ranked gamer by night” who visitors from the future proclaim to be the “key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.”

Baby Peeta Josh Hutcherson will play Futterman, and as for Coupe…

Coupe will play futuristic soldier Tiger, a sexy, tough and intense character in the Cybergeddon video game, who, along with her cohort Wolf, recruits Josh to travel back in time to save the world from the hellish landscape she left behind. However, she’s hiding a secret that could unravel everything.

This sounds funny, sexy, and potentially aware enough of the tropes it’s setting up here to subvert them, so that we can ogle and not feel sleazy. It’s basically everything we look for in a show.

Excitement level:

Via Deadline.

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