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How Much Do You Care about 3D Movies?

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 27, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | January 27, 2010 |

Truth: There’s an enormous amount of news concerning the 3Dization of films that have already completed production around the interwebs that we don’t cover much of, on account of the fact that it doesn’t really seem to interest our audience that much. But maybe I’m wrong (rare) — maybe it makes a huge difference as to whether or not you’ll see a film. These new round of 3D films are still relatively rare, save for CGI-animated flicks and a few B-level horror movies (which is where, in my opinion, the 3D technology is best used).

But going ahead, the studios figure if they’re going to give you big-ass $200 million empty spectacles, they may as well add another $5 million to the budget and gouge you at the box office. They figure, if you’re willing to pay $10 for a two hours of explosions, you’d be perfectly happy to pay $15 for EXPLOSIONS (all caps looks much better in 3D. Trust me.) And so, studios are not only starting to routinely figure 3D into their future projects, they’re actually converting already produced films into 3D flicks.

The latest: It was announced yesterday that Warner Brothers has decided not only to convert their upcoming Clash of the Titans film into 3D, they’re also doing the same with the next two Harry Potter flicks.

So what? Right? Or no?

Look: I’m a story guy (also, insanely charming and fantastic in bed). The only thing I really find compelling about the 3D flicks is the novelty. It does look cool, and I’m the dumbass that takes his 3D glasses off and on during the course of the movie just to see what things look like both ways. But in a way, it feels like a cheat to me — that novelty excuses a lot of other weaknesses in story, in dialogue, and in performance. For now, anyway. But soon enough, that novelty will completely wear off, and either 3D movies will be routine, or they’ll go the way of Keanu Reeves’ musical career (Dogstar!). At that point, we’re hopefully going to expect more than fancy technology — we’re going to expect fancy scripts and great actressin’, cause we’re still likely going to be stuck with the $15 ticket prices.

Anyway, I’m actually fairly interested: Informal comment poll — what do you think of 3D movies? Does the technology make you more or less likely to see them? Do you even have that option where you live? Are you willing to pay the extra $5 to see a movie in 3D? How many of you have actually seen a 3D movie, save for Avatar? Would you prefer that dramas and comedies also be in 3D? Is 3D even on your radar? Are you interested in news about films being converted into 3D? What’s the capitol of Nebraska?

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