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Will Smith To Get Called An A-Hole One More Time

By TK Burton | Industry | August 25, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Industry | August 25, 2009 |

Ah, more sequel news. I know, it makes me swoon too. Either that, or it makes me nauseous. I get those two confused sometimes.

Anyway, director Peter Berg and Will Aw-Hell-Naw Smith are going to get back together for Hancock 2, the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster that had vast potential, but ultimately staggered, then crumbled, under its own weight. Columbia Pictures has retained scribes Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write the script.

My only hope is that they can fix the massive flaws that ruined the first one. Personally, I thought that Hancock was actually quite good in parts. Smith, while not terribly popular in the Pajibaverse, is damn charismatic, and played the flawed, jaded, dickhead superhero part perfectly for the first act. The effects were impressive, and of course it’s hard to go wrong with Jason Bateman. However, once they started delving into the whole mythology behind Hancock’s origins (which, with only cursory examination, was revealed to make absolutely no sense) and involving Charlize Theron (who, while at times a fine actress, was kind of horrible), the movie just went splat like a horse falling off a bridge. Big, ugly, messy.

The lack of a decent villain didn’t help things either — the idea that a handless, jackass convict could beat him up simply because he was in the vicinity of Theron was painful to watch. According to Sci-Fi Wire, Berg has said that, “there might be another god out there.” While I’m not thrilled at the concept, it’s ultimately the only idea that would work — barring an alien invasion or some shit. But the concept of a comic book movie not actually based on a comic book was an excellent one, so it’s of course ripe for sequelizing.

Berg’s a capable director when given the right material, but the script for Hancock is what eventually did it in. But then again, it made $600 million, so what the hell do I know.

Just make sure you bring back Bateman.

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