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Guess How Some Single-Celled Organisms Reacted to the New Ghostbusters Visiting Sick Kids in a Hospital

By Brian Byrd | Industry | August 3, 2015 |

By Brian Byrd | Industry | August 3, 2015 |

Over the weekend, the stars of the Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot — Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig — took time out of their busy filming schedules to visit some very sick kids receiving treatment for life-threatening illnesses at Tufts Medical Center’s Floating Hospital for Children. The quartet arrived in costume and spent the day posing for pictures, chatting with the children, and generally just being awesome people. They didn’t have to do this. Their publicists didn’t send out a release. McKinnon, Jones, McCarthy and Wiig showed up because they wanted to provide these children a brief moment of joy in what must be a very trying time for them and their families.

Seriously, check out how much fun everyone had.
Of course, because we live in a country filled with citizens who decapitate friendly hitchhiking robots for the same reason Edmund Hillary scaled Everest — because it was there — this incredibly cool gesture cannot garner unanimous applause. See, Tufts Medical Center made the mistake of posting the heartwarming pictures on their Facebook page, apparently unaware that a substantial segment of Facebook users are ghastly sexist trash monsters perfectly willing to defile a heartwarming moment by sharing their thoughts about why these ladies will never measure up to the REAL Ghostbusters. You know, the ones with cocks.

Quinn Sexton, who I assume is an aspiring lacrosse player or hedge fund manager, believes these kids are being hoodwinked by the appearance of current movie stars and not the sexagenarians who starred in movies released long before today’s youths were even conceived.
quinn sextonn.jpg
Rene Wilthof followed with a “No offense, but you’re a fucking piece of shit” take:
Shouldn’t Peter Straub be working on more Strain books rather than leaving a Facebook comment offering less logic than a Confederate flag defender?
peter straub.jpg
Jack V. Butler Jr, who probably plays lax with Quinn Sexton, also takes issue with the obvious bait-and-switch.
jack butler.jpg
And then there’s this guy. To be honest, I’m not sure his comment merits outrage. These may just be the syphilitic ramblings of a glorious incomprehensible treasure.
chris jackson.jpg
The backlash turned so ugly — keep in mind, this all went down on a FACEBOOK PAGE FOR A GODDAMN TWATFLOPPING CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL — Tufts Medical Center had to eventually post a warning reminding visitors that any profanity-laced comments would be deleted.

Look, I typically hate writing these outrage posts designed solely to spotlight unjustifiable wastes of carbon. A few loathsome humans aren’t emblematic of society as a whole. For every feces-smeared comment left on the page there are five more either praising the actresses’ actions or shouting down the trolls. It’s important we note this.

It is also important to shame these shit sacks, because they’re worse than the diseases responsible for putting these children in hospitals to begin with. You want dicks involved with Ghostbusters, fuckclowns? Well, mission accomplished.

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