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Seth Rogen unveils The Green Hornet's Black Beauty

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | July 23, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | July 23, 2009 |

Movie bloggers that check their site statistics frequently (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; we all check them somewhere between 19 and 42 times a day) must understand what few of us will admit: When we go to a convention or a film festival, we say we’re doing it for our readers, but the reality is (at least in our experience) that festival coverage doesn’t track nearly as well our regular coverage. Why? Because it’s like looking at someone else’s photo album and flipping through hundreds of photos of people you don’t know. It’s self-indulgent. It’s a write-off vacation. It’s a chance for us to gloat about what we’re seeing and you’re missing. It’s occupational assholery.And just because I’m being upfront about it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, too (see our SXSW coverage). Like you give a shit how much we drink or what movie we saw that you won’t hear about for six months to a year. But we gotta write something to justify the expense.

To wit: Comic-Con. If you check Twitter at the moment, Comic-Con is the top trending item. But if you actually check the tweets, 85 percent of them come from people who are there, twittering about what they are doing (e.g., showing you their photo album, which right now mostly involves standing in long lines). The other 15 percent, of course, are twittering: “Shut the fuck up about Comic-Con already.”

Anyway, we do have a couple of folks at Comic-Con this year — Drew Morton and Steven Lloyd Wilson — and they are actually the perfect representatives because they are more modest and less self-indulgent than, well, myself or Prisco (he’ll actually be a SDCC, too, but he’s not filing). Over the next few days, Steven and Drew be bringing coverage from the festival, and I suspect it’ll be more along the lines of what they’re seeing and not “Look at me! I’m at Comic-Con.” Fucking professionals.

We’ll save the obnoxiousness for Austin ‘10.

We didn’t have anyone there last night for preview night, but from what I can gather from the pictures I’ve seen on other blogs, it was a real nerd orgy, which is to say: A bunch of people carrying inhalers, avoiding eye contact, and Twittering about what an amazing time they’re having. I’ve scoured the web and the only thing approaching newsworthiness, really (or at least movie website newsworthiness) was Seth Rogen’s unveiling of The Black Beauty, the car that will be used in his upcoming Green Hornet movie. It’s pretty rad, actually. Check it out:



You can see more over on

And if you actually do want to see photos from the floor last night, you can check any number of the other movie blogs. I suspect this image, from Slashfilm, is fairly representative of what you’ll find:


Nightmare on Elm Street First Image | The Whiteout Trailer

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