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Great Googly Moogly, Squirrel Girl Is Coming To TV!

By Victoria McNally | Industry | April 5, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Industry | April 5, 2017 |

Along with a bunch of other New Warriors from Marvel, I guess, whatever, SQUIRREL GIRL! It’s finally happened!

As announced on The Hollywood Reporter this morning, Squirrel Girl will join five other characters in a straight-to-series comedy show on Freeform sometime in 2018. No one’s been cast yet (and listen, I know we all have our favorites, but let’s be cool about how we engage with those favorites on social media about this, okay? And also if your favorites are above the age of 30, they are wrong, I’m sorry, Anna Kendrick is wonderful, but she cannot play 18 year old college students anymore, I’m sorry), but Cougar Town’s Kevin Biegel will act as showrunner, which is basically perfect.

We here at Pajiba have already explained why you should be reading The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, but in case you didn’t see that advice and have no idea who we’re talking about, Squirrel Girl is… well, imagine if Kimmy Schmidt was a college freshman with the approximate speed and strength (and tail) of a squirrel, plus a bunch of squirrel friends to talk to, and she used her powers to fight crime and take computer science classes. And also sometimes babysit Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter, but she doesn’t do that so much anymore now that she has her own solo-led comic book.

A Cloak And Dagger series has already been in development for some time at Freeform, but according to Executive Vice President of Programming Karey Burke, Squirrel Girl was always the dream:

We had chased Squirrel Girl before Cloak and Dagger and Marvel had said they would let us know when they were ready to do something with it. Our head of development wore her Squirrel Girl hat in the pitch, which may have put us over the top. We’ve been longtime fans.

Uh hold up there, a what? A Squirrel Girl hat? Where do I buy one of those??????

Of course, Squirrel Girl will have to share the spotlight with a bunch of other young heroes, which will make things interesting. She herself has never been part of the New Warriors in the comics, so fingers crossed they either bring in some of her supporting characters like Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi, or they go way outside and consider some big names like America Chavez (SCREAM!) and Kate Bishop. Otherwise, they’re kinda stuck with a lot of clones of other minor superheroes. Come on, is anybody gunning for Namorita or the Scarlet Spider to show up in a TV show? Anyone?


Speaking of which, you have to have Doreen’s roommate Nancy. That is not up for debate. No Nancy, no show.



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