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Grab Your Whips: The First Teaser Trailer For Netflix's 'Castlevania' Is Here

By Tori Preston | Industry | May 25, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Industry | May 25, 2017 |

Turning video game franchises into movies is expected these days, but we don’t have as many television adaptations as you might expect (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! notwithstanding). Netflix is getting into the game (ha! pun!) with their upcoming animated series based on the classic Castlevania franchise, and I for one am more than a little excited.

Check out the first teaser trailer:

The series will follow the last member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from bloody Vlad Dracula Tepe himself. And this Belmont carries a whip. So far so good - I’ve played several of the games, and that is basically all I can remember from any of them.

What gives me hope is that the entire series is written by comic book icon Warren Ellis, the man behind Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and some of your favorite Marvel arcs including the recent badass Karnak. Even if you haven’t read his stuff, you may have seen movies based on his stories. Iron Man 3 was inspired by his “Extremis” story arc in the comics, and the 2010 Bruce Willis flick RED was based on his graphic novel. Also, on a personal note, the man is probably my favorite writer. He has books, the kinds without pictures, and they are also excellent.

And judging from this teaser, the animation looks great. A little retro, but gorgeous. I was getting a The Last Unicorn vibe, but with more blood and skeletons. Definitely a show for adults who are into cartoons.

Also, a random aside: That NES Netflix app running in all its grainy 8-bit glory at the start of the trailer? Apparently that is a thing that really works, and was created during one of Netflix’s internal Hack Days. You can learn more about it here.

This Netflix Original Series will launch on July 7, 2017.

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