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Give Him Two Arms To Cling To

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 13, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 13, 2011 |

At the recent National Board of Review awards, Christian Bale joked “I’m interested to see how Chris Nolan takes Dicky in a Batsuit,” apparently referring to how his The Fighter character has stayed with him (and me; I have not been able to get that jittery boy out of my head). Bale and Wahlberg were in a hurry to leave before the snow hit, as he was scheduled to start screen testing with the actresses who may be up for the part of Batdick’s girlfriend in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Word is that there may be two female roles to be cast, lover and villain or, possibly the role may be that of Talia - who is both criminal and love interest.

Let’s get right to the rumors so we can pick apart these poor girls.

1) Keira Knightley:


Too frail and prissy. If Batdick has to snatch her up and fly somewhere with her, something will snap and break.

2) Jessica Biel


Pretty but no stage presence. Name something she was in that left an impression. Yeah.

3) Anne Hathaway


Maybe, but probably not. There’s just something that bugs about this chick - too gangly or gawky or something.

4) Kate Mara


Too young and sweet; looks like she could be Batdick’s daughter.

5) Charlotte Riley


Who? What? Next!

6) Gemma Arterton


Probably the best of the lot, but Gemma still veers into daughter territory. She reportedly has scheduling issues so this may only be wishful thinking.

Pajiban powers activate! Are any of these women suitable for our pointy-eared angry man or do you have someone better in mind? Me, I choose:


She’s a good actress who isn’t over-exposed, droll, sarcastic, can play forward or demure and she can take care of Batdick’s needs, if you know what I mean.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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