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It's Official. From Now On, Ben Affleck Will Be Your Writer/Director/Actor One-Stop Batman Source

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 9, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Industry | July 9, 2015 |

Marvel has been getting a lot of attention lately with their far-reaching schedule, having planned out their next umpteen movies over the next (seemingly) billion years. But DC has their eyes set on the distant future as well, as exhibited by this piece of Batnews which dropped today. We’re still nearly nine months away from the premiere of Batman v. Superman, and another year+ after that until the Justice League movie comes out, but now we’ve got another one thrown into the mix: a standalone Batman movie, which will be written, directed, and starring triple threat Ben Batfleck. He’s gearing up to be a regular Bat-auteur.

There have been rumors that Affleck would direct a Batman movie for a while now, but it’s officially official. He’ll be co-writing along with DC veteran superstar Geoff Johns, who is more known for his comic book work than film or TV, but whose IMDB page is still littered with at least a little bit of everything DC (including, or especially, the TV versions of Arrow and The Flash).

Affleck already pushed back one project for BvS— his own triple threat adaptation of Denis Lehane’s novel Live By Night— so it’s not clear yet when this Batman movie will happen, but it IS happening. And while I do worry about all of us burning out super hard on super movies by 2019 or whenever this trend ends, I think Affleck has the potential to take this character is a cool direction. Affleck loves the dark stuff (as displayed by his love of Lehane’s work, which includes Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and some pretty badass plays), but still theoretically has at least a bit of a sense of humor, that thing DC so often lacks. And paired up with a comic canon guru can only help things, right?

God, I really hope so.

Via Deadline.

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