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Franklin and Jesus (the other one) Hit the Road

By Cindy Davis | Industry | August 26, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | August 26, 2010 |

What would Franklin and Jesus do? Not that Jesus (True Blood), the other one. No, not that (THE) Jesus either. The third one - the bloody Mel Gibson one - yeah, him. So Franklin and Jesus would take a road trip together, what the hell else would they do? One’s a good guy, one’s a bad guy and Michael from Lost is along for the ride too.

So here’s the Transit what’s what: Jim Caviezel and his wife Elisabeth Rohm (Heroes) are headed on a family camping trip when they foolishly pull into a rest stop. Listen, those places are for crazy people, the bathrooms (if you can even find any) are dirty, there are creepy semis with empty cabs and who knows what in their containers and nothing good ever comes of stopping at one. To prove my point, at this rest stop a group of bank robbers including James Frain (True Blood, TRON: Legacy) and Harold Perrineau (Lost, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days), are running from the cops and decide Jesus’ SUV is a good place to stash their loot until things calm down. And just what do you think that means to Jesus and family? It means they’re on the run from a murderous, bank robber gang, which never would have happened if they hadn’t stopped at the damned rest stop.

Let this be a lesson to you all. No one, not even Jesus, should stop at a rest stop.

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