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Fox Says Contestants Are The Reason For Dip In 'Idol' Ratings. Next To Be Blamed? You Stupid, Stupid Viewers.

By Emily Cutler | Industry | July 21, 2014 |

By Emily Cutler | Industry | July 21, 2014 |

Granted my entire working knowledge of tv executives comes from the “Cancelled” episode of South Park, but this recent interview with Fox Networks Group chairman and CEO Peter Rice isn’t doing much to change my mind of them. Rice claims that former ratings juggernaut American Idol has lost some of its key 18 - 49 demographic because the contestants just haven’t been compelling enough for the the past two seasons.

“We haven’t found in the last two years a group of kids who’ve captured the imagination of the public,” he said at a Television Critics Association panel on Sunday.

Uh- huh.

Listen, I’m not really one to tell anyone else what do to, but could someone in a better position explain to Mr. Rice that his job entails more than standing over the bloated, Steven-Tyler stained corpse of a formerly “great” show and shouting “Clear!”?

Because American Idol is not a great show. It’s not even really a good show, and it never was. It was a novelty. It was manufactured dreams and stardust, and now that every other network has its own form of the show, American Idol needs to be over.

You know what was a great show? Enlisted. And Undeclared. And Firefly. And Arrested Effing Development. But you guys screwed that up, didn’t you, Rice?

So stop it with Idol. Stop giving Seth MacFarlane new shows. Put The Simpsons out to pasture. Shows don’t get 50 million viewers anymore. It’s about quality now, not quantity.

And seriously, please give us back Enlisted.

Source: The Wrap

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