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For Better Or Worse, You're Probably Going To Get A Cloverfield 2

By TK Burton | Industry | March 22, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Industry | March 22, 2011 |

Cloverfield was one of the more heavily divisive films of 2008 (and is it me, or does it feel like it came out more than three years ago?). Our own Dan Carlson enjoyed it, though noted that it’s not without its flaws, an opinion I pretty much agree with — I thought it was a tightly made, entertaining bit of monster mayhem that got bogged down and had some really annoying characters. But overall, I really dug it. But a lot of people hated it, or thought it was shaky-cammed to the point of nausea-inducing, or just thought it was crap. Each their own, right?

Well, either way, you’re probably going to see a sequel. Total Film interviewed director Matt Reeves, and he had this to say about it:

“Well, you are going to see it — we just don’t know when [laughs]. At the moment we are talking about the story quite a lot. Drew Goddard, who wrote the original, is going to pen the sequel and JJ Abrams is very much involved… However, the three of us have been so busy that getting the right idea together has been taking a long time.”

Given Abrams’ schedule, it could take years for him to get freed up, but Reeves sounds pretty definite. Then again, Reeves isn’t exactly drowning in projects — since Cloverfield, he’s directed Let Me In and… that’s it (side note: did you know he wrote the script for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory? Me neither), so it could be that he’s trying to drum up some business. As for how they’d handle the sequel, stylistically?

“You see, that’s a difficult part: we want it to be shot like the first but how can you continue that idea successfully for a second time?… We have a lot of affection for the original and the sequel can’t just be the same thing. But that is tricky when you need to have a monster destroying stuff once again.”

Story-wise, there are several places you could go, particularly since one of the smart decisions in Cloverfield was to never bother telling the audience anything other than what the protagonists experienced. As to the hand-held, real-time aspect of it, that’s far trickier ground, because it begins to smack of gimmickry, especially given how many movies since then have adopted the same techniques. Regardless, if it does happen, it’s not going to be anytime soon.

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