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Let's Not Blame This On The Crowd, OK? 'Far From The Madding Crowd' Trailer

By Emily Chambers | Industry | February 5, 2015 |

By Emily Chambers | Industry | February 5, 2015 |

Oh, Carey. How is it that even in what are supposed to be lighter movies, you never seem to be having any fun? I thought Spoils of Babylon would let you break out into funnier, lighter roles. But here you are, back in a corset giving us your “very concerned face.”

I’m just spit-balling, but I’d like you to hear me out. You grab Mia, who needs this as much as you do, and you remake a different classic: the 1985 star-maker Girls Just Want To Have Fun. You as the wallflower/ secret dance star, Mia as the wacky best friend, Saorise Ronan as the little sister. You could give an entire new generation of women the experience of flipping past TBS on a Saturday afternoon and thinking, “Oh, shit, I forgot they made this movie.” Do it. You owe it to them.

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