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No, Not Legion: The Series

By TK Burton | Industry | September 22, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Industry | September 22, 2009 |

I feel weird, writing about TV news. Mainly because, much to Dustin and Seth’s repeated, vociferous chagrin, I don’t watch television. Like, at all. Ever since the demise of “Deadwood,” “Veronica Mars” and “Firefly,” I basically gave up the entire activity. I’m always thinking of getting back into it — Lord knows you get enough damn recommendations ‘round these parts — but I’ve yet to be sucked back in. Oh, sure, I’ll start watching a show online or on DVD, find it entertaining or interesting, but inevitably I just give up on it. I feel like I’m waiting for the next show that’ll really grab me by the throat like some of my old favorites.

Well, here’s one that’s got potential — at least on paper, anyway. THR is reporting that John Glenn (no, not the astronaut, you idiots) has been tapped as the executive producer for “Fallen,” a new drama that “revolves around a group of vigilante “fallen” angels who take down the criminal and the corrupt in New York while falling in love, battling demons and seeking their own personal revenge.”

Huh. OK, I’m officially interested. I love me some supernatural shit, especially the stuff with religious overtones to it. There’s some unique ideas to mine — are the fallen angels dissatisfied with God sitting on the sidelines and are now taking an active role? What kind of powers do they possess? How dark could you get with an idea like this. Yes, I’m definitely interested. Sort of a television version of Legion. (Mark my words, kids. In 18 months, angels will be the new vampires)

Oh, shit. Glenn is also responsible for the screenplay for Eagle Eye. And apparently the forthcoming remake of The Warriors.

Oh, monkey-fucking sonofabitching shitballs. It’s being produced by Fox.

Fuck it. Never mind. As you were.

PS - the header pic has absolutely nothing to do with the show. I just thought it was a neat image.

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