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Exclusive: 16 Projects Brad Pitt Is Attached To; 6 You May Not Know About

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 3, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 3, 2010 |

Deadline exclusively announced yesterday that Brad Pitt is in “negotiations” to star in the comedic crime saga Cogan’s Trade, reteaming him with Andrew Dominik, who directed The Assassination of Jesse James. “Pitt will play Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that takes place during a high stakes poker game held under the protection of the mob.” Deadline also hears that Pitt is interested in next making a movie out of a Mark Greaney novel, The Gray Man, a drama about a CIA operative-turned-hired-killer, who is targeted for death by a team assigned to rescue him.

By this morning, there were at least 94 links sourcing the Deadline post. Per yesterday’s post on the bullshittery of Nikki Finke, once again, what is the real value of this trade story? Let’s look at 16 other projects Brad Pitt has in the works. Will Cogan’s Trade be next? Will The Gray Man be next? Will either ever be made? Or will he choose one of the below projects to which he’s currently attached, been offered a role in, or producing with an eye toward possibly starring?

40 Summers Ago: Period biopic about the friendship between Steve McQueen and his stuntman Bud Ekins.

Bag Men: Action/drama in the vein of Training Day. The story of an unemployed man who starts working as a bag man for the Detroit morgue. When he accidentally runs over an innocent civilian in the morgue’s van he soon finds himself caught up in a dead body swap to not only cover up the homicide but to also make some money on the side with the Detroit crime syndicates and with his partner at the morgue who is an ex-cop who used to be corrupt.

Black Hole (Neil Gaimman): Dramatic horror movie in the vein of River’s Edge meets The Brood. An STD that causes mutations strikes a group of disaffected teenagers in the 1970s. Based on the graphic novel by Charles Burns.

Brownsville Girl (Dir. Scott Cooper Attached): In the vein of Bonnie & Clyde meets Shawshank Redemption, a man gets caught up with a life of theft and murder that spans two decades as he tries to hold on to the woman he loves.

Dark Void: District 9 in tone. While on a routine cargo mission, a pilot crosses into the Bermuda triangle and abruptly crash lands. He sets out to find help, but is attacked by alien robots with unbelievably powerful weapons technology. He soon discovers that he is no longer on Earth, but trapped in a desolate, parallel universe (known as The Void). His only hope of returning home lies with a group of humans living in this place - who are battling to defeat an ancient alien race (known as The Watchers) before they bridge the gap between Earth and The Void and wrest control of Earth from humanity.

The Handyman: A young man who wants to be an artist, moves to Paris, comes back to LA and becomes a handyman…the people that he meets through this job help him develop as an artist. Adaptation of the Carolyn See novel.

Hatfields and McCoys (Dir. Scott Cooper Attached): Romeo & Juliet meets There Will Be Blood. The families of two neighboring farms become embroiled in a longtime feud after a Hatfield, fighting as a Confereate solider, kills a McCoy, who fought as Union solider, during the Civil War.

The Imperfectionists (Tom Rachman novel): Drama about reporters and editors at an English-language newspaper in Rome and the collision of their personal lives and professional ambitions. Network in tone.

Lost City of Z: In this true story, a British explorer becomes convinced that there is a lost ancient city in the Amazon and devotes himself to finding it.

The Odyssey: Based on Homer’s poem.

Riptide (Shia LaBeouf also has offer): Three-hander who-dunnit set out at sea aboard the Nautica. A handyman, a seemingly successful young broker and a alluring and attractive girlfriend to the broker. One of the men is found dead floating in the sea off shore from a tropical island. The girlfriend is found at a nearby hotel, while the handyman is resued at sea. An investigator from the big island is forced to piece together what really happened and why.

The Tiger (Dir. Aronofsky): Takes place on the Siberian plain, where human development is encroaching on the tigers’ habitat and one tiger turns on the intruders..

True Story: Based on the true life story of Michael Finkel being fired from the New York Times for falsifying parts of a profile of young boys working on West African cocoa plantations.

World War Z (Mar Forster Dir.): Set ten years after a global zombie epidemic, and is a serious oral history of the future zombies told from many perspectives around the world.

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